Welcome to the CB Packet Radio website.

This website is one of the few remaining sites dedicated to CB packet radio. If you are looking for information on actively transmitting or monitoring CB packet, then you have come to the right place.

To some visitors it may be a surprise that in some countries it is perfectly legal to operate CB data communications using the AX.25 protocol.

Even though the Internet has over taken the 'need' for packet radio, it is still used these days by quite a lot of people around the world, especially those who participate in packet DX (long distance) on the 27Mhz HF CB band.

Have a look around and be sure to drop in on the forums to get involved with the community. Update 2011/12/22 Sorry the forums closed down many years ago

New! 2011

Due to recent renewed interest in CB Packet, we have published some new articles


- CB Packet: Is it Still Useful?
- CB Packet Setup Part 1: Getting Started


- CB Packet Long Distance 2011 (Video)
- Packet on PMR446 test - Proof of concept (Video found on youtube)

Articles (old)

The CB Packet website went into hibernation in 2002, and as such these articles are out of date

- About This Site
- Regulation status (legality)
- Frequencies where CB Packet can be found
- Internet-to-CB Gateways
- Recommended Software
- Additional External Information